Tony Jackson: Just Like Me (July 1967)(latest upload)


The Iron Door Session (Early 1963)

The Starclub Recordings (Early 1963)

Sweets For My Sweet (June 1963)

Meet The Searchers (July 1963)

Sugar & Spice (Single) (October 1963)

Sugar & Spice (LP) (November 1963)

The German Songs (December 1963 - August 1965)

Needles & Pins (January 1964)

The Swedish Radio Sessions (Part 1) (March 1964)

Don't Throw Your Love Away (April 1964)

The French Songs (1964)

It's The Searchers (April 1964)

The Searchers Play The System (July 1964)

Some Day We're Gonna Love Again (July 1964)

Tony Jackson: Bye Bye Baby (September 1964)

When You Walk In The Room (September 1964)

Love Potion No. 9 (November 1964)

What Have They Done To The Rain (December 1964)

Tony Jackson: You Beat Me To The Punch (December 1964)

The Swedish Radio Sessions (Part 2)(December 1964)

BBC Recordings (January 1965 - March 1967)

Tony Jackson: Love Potion No. 9 (February 1965)

Goodbye My Love (February 1965)

Sounds Like Searchers (March 1965)

Bumble Bee (March 1965)

Tony Jackson: Stagedoor (July 1965)

He's Got No Love (July 1965)

Tony Jackson: Watch Your Step (CD)(July 1965 - November 1966)

When I Get Home (October 1965)

Take Me For What I'm Worth (September & December 1965)

Early 1966 - The Searchers Situation

Tony Jackson: You're My No. One (January 1966)

Take It Or Leave It (April 1966)

Tony Jackson: Never Leave Your Baby's Side (May 1966)

Chris Curtis: Aggravation (June 1966)

Have You Ever Loved Somebody (September 1966)

Tony Jackson: Follow Me (September 1966)

Tony Jackson: Anything Else You Want (November 1966)

Popcorn Double Feature (January 1967)

Western Union (April 1967)

The Swedish Radio Sessions (Part 3) (May 1967)

Tony Jackson: Just Like Me (July 1967)

Second Hand Dealer (November 1967)

The Covers / The Originals (Pye - Years)

30th Anniversary Collection (CD 3)

Umbrella Man (November 1968)

Shoot 'Em Up, Baby (early 1969)

Somebody Shot The Lollipop Man (June 1969)

Kinky Kathy Abernathy (June 1969)

For What It's Worth (1969)

Desdemona (February 71)

Love Is Everywhere (October 71)

Needles and Pins (RCA)(August 1972)

Late 1978

Late 1979: In Search Of Pop Paradise Lost

Searchers (October 1979)

Play For Today / Love's Melodies (March / April 1981)

Mike Pender's Records (1986-2010)

Thirty Glorious Years (1992)

God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen / Happiest Christmas Of All (1994)

Every River & Seven Nights To Rock (2010)

The Searchers Originals

The Searchers' And The UK Charts

Tonight... The Searchers

The Searchers & The Covers Of The Music Press

The Searchers' Memory

Spencer James (1987 - 2016) 

WEBCounter by GOWEB